We’re back! with lots of enthusiasm and new ideas and full of independent spirit, ready to champion the county of Cumbria’s heritage more fiercely than ever before.

We’ve enjoyed keeping in touch with everyone through virtual means during the past year with a Virtual Cumbrian Flower Show, Post-It Notes of Positivity and our own cultural CD!

So, what’s next?

A podcast! Interviews will give you the low-down on what’s going on at cultural venues across the county and tease out the quirky and the different, the up-and-coming and the must-do.

The podcast output will also try to look for opportunities to do exactly what the group does for visitors – linking past with present.  We’ll will seek out things happening in the news to which our members can perhaps link in some way, offering a perspective from the past that adds illumination to the here and now. It will also offer mouth-watering updates on what the group’s brilliant tearooms are serving or offering to visitors, finding out where the inspiration for recipes comes.

“We are very excited about this new departure and being able to stay in touch with visitors and inspire visits through audio,” says Chair of Cumbria’s Living Heritage, Peter Frost-Pennington.  “We have long had a website and social media channels, newsletters and media profile but this will be brand-new and delivering fantastic updates, right into earpieces.  We can’t wait to get started and share our news in this way.”

To hear the first episode seek us out at  https://bit.ly/3uCyUC9


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