16 December – 10 February 2019

‘Northerly or Northwest’  Exhibition of paintings by Catriona Taylor                                    

Incorporating maps and words of the shipping forecast, Catriona’s paintings are inspired by the Scottish coastline and our close relationship with the sea.

‘Again, and again in my painting I am drawn to the sea; its power, its constant motion, its changing colours and surfaces, its significance to human history with the countless journeys taken across it. For me it is an integral aspect of Scottish landscape and holds so much of Scotland’s history both in livelihoods and emigration.

In 2012, I did an MA in Fine Art which marked a change in my work; the beginning of a move away from installation to concentrate on painting. I extracted the sea from my themes of history, memory and landscape, as a subject I wanted to explore through paint.

Sea painting is a tradition in Scottish art so it is a challenge to find a new way of expressing its nature and meaning.

I started to look at google earth imagery to find a different perspective, I now spend much time travelling round the Scottish coast and seas from this vantage point. Everything looks different from above.

In my painting, I try to capture the movement of the sea by pouring paint on the surface in an attempt to reproduce its liquid constitution and movement.

In contrast, I want to reflect the human tendency to make our relationships with the sea safer so I use bits of maps, lines and squares of maps and the words of the shipping forecast, which highlight the powerful force of the sea and our attempt to try and chart it and make it more navigable.’

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