Artful Ways Month: June 25 – July 25. 

Artful Ways is a new Arts Council funded project bringing people together across Cumbria. It’s a celebration of creativity, connection and place, inviting people to add creative tracks to a new map, and submit artwork for a touring exhibition.

Throughout July, Artful Ways invites people to meet with their creative neighbours for a walk, or visit a cultural venue (anything from a studio to a theatre, bookshop, gallery, museum, poetry gathering, outdoor sculpture or Wainwright summit …) and map the tracks they create using an easy-to-use App. These tracks – the artful ways of Cumbria – are appearing on a new digital map, and inspiring new artworks. The creative work made by people who take part will be shared on the website and there’s an exhibition of selected works that launches in Tullie House this September and will tour Cumbria next year.

Anyone can take part. Here’s what you’d need to do – take a walk that features culture and/or creativity; track it with an easy-to-use and free App (all you need to know is on the website), and make something – in any creative medium you choose – that’s inspired by your walk and by the themes of creativity, connectivity and place. If you’re not able to walk for any reason, you can take part by making creative connections online, imagining or remembering a walk, or interpreting the idea in your own way.

If you’d like to join a group, there are several events during July that you can sign up to. These include guided walks in Windermere, Walney and Lowther, creative events and walks in Morland, activities at Florence Arts Centre, and dance carousel sessions in Carlisle.

Everything you need to know is on the website, including the digital map that shows the tracks of walks that people are doing, along with their reflections on the three themes, and a blog that shares ideas for walks, artists reflections, and updates on events.

Artful Ways: putting arts & culture on the map and inviting submissions for a touring art exhibition in the autumn. 




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