A Celebration of Watercolours

1st September 2017News
Ouse Bridge, Mathais Read

1 September – 23 December

An exhibition opens at Wordsworth Museum in Grasmere that celebrates Wordsworth Trusts collection of watercolours – much of which has been acquired with the generous assistance of the W.W. Spooner Charitable Trust. It will include many treasures of the Wordsworth Trust’s art collection. The centrepiece will be ‘Ouse Bridge’ (1725), an impressive example of the work of Mathias Read (1669–1747), one of the earliest native-born artists to depict the British landscape and often described as ‘the father of Cumbrian painting’. The exhibition also includes works by celebrated artists such as Joseph Farington, William Gilpin, John Laporte and William Green and highlight lesser known artists, but who equally present the beautiful and intricate details of the landscape in their work.

We are thrilled to bring these wonderful artworks together for the first time.’ – Jeff Cowton MBE, Curator and Head of Learning

Visitor information: www.wordsworth.org.uk

Image: Ouse Bridge, Mathais Read.

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